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We are located on the hill above Tyrolean Village, finding us can sometimes be a little tricky so please click here to down load this step by step guide with photography.

Approaching from Canberra / Sydney

  1. Follow Kosciuszko Road, passing the turnoff for East Jindabyne.

  2. The road will widen to three lanes and climb a hill to the right. Ignore the turnoff for Rainbow Drive and Tyrolean Village. Keep driving.

  3. About 150 meters after the Tyrolean Village turn off there's an 80km sign and a "reduce speed" sign. Take the dirt road left immediately after the 'reduce speed' sign. 

Approaching from Jindabyne 

The turnoff to Wattle & Gum Eco-Lodges is 5.5 km after Jindabyne.

  1. Pass over the dam wall and climbing the hill on the three-lane road 

  2. As you reach the top of the hill you will see an 80km sign. At this point merge into the right lane and signal right.

  3. The turn onto the dirt road on your right, is about 150 meters past the 80km sign. Look for the large deciduous tree at the on the right hand side of the road. The turn off is in front of this tree.

  4. If you reach the Rainbow Drive turnoff, you've gone too far – turn around and follow the Canberra/Sydney directions.

Once you're on the dirt road:

  1. Pass through the gate signed "Chilliwack Lodge" and "Peak View Farm".

  2. Continue left for about 100 meters, ignoring the Chilliwack driveway entrance on your right.

  3. The road takes a sharp left turn. Follow it around to the left and climb the hill for about 400 meters.

  4. You'll pass the driveway for Peak View Farm on your left.

  5. Look for Wattle & Gum Eco-lodges on the hill to your right. Take the next sharp hairpin turn to the right.

  6. Welcome! Wattle is the first lodge; Gum is the second.

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